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Beau Cisco It is sad to lose police officers in the line of duty as it is not only felt by the friends, family and agency of the officer but across the nation. Maximum respect for officers who died in the line of duty as they will be remembered till the end of the world. The total number of officers who died across the United States in 2017 was 125, with deaths from illness, automobile crash, gunfire, heart attack and the rest. The highest number of deaths came from gunfire with a total of 45, followed by automobile crash with [...]

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The Dangers of Hypervigilance

Beau Cisco Editor In Chief Hypervigilance as it pertains to typical law enforcement shift work refers to the tendency of police officers to always be on the look out for possible dangers. It is as result of a behavioral and perceptional issue in police officers get encouraged to scan the environment based on possibility as opposed to probability. The end result of this process is that cops tend to be emotionally over-invested at work and emotionally under-invested when back at home. Statistics show that the police forces in the country lose 484 officers annually and this is testament of the [...]

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The importance of mindset in policing | Chip Huth | TEDxTacoma

  The importance of mindset in policing  In the wake of recent high-profile events, police departments and the communities they serve are facing many complex challenges. There are currently many options on the table for meeting the evolving expectations of our citizens; however, behavioral prescriptions, revised legal mandates, and technological applications each have limited ability to affect the law enforcement culture in meaningful ways. What is needed is a shift in the way the police see themselves in relationship to their respective communities. What follows this change in mindset are opportunities for law enforcement to engage and partner with the [...]

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BLUE LINES FISHING TOURNAMENT: October 20-21, 2017 in Lake park Florida

Benefiting the Officer Sean J. Alex Scholarship Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association Charity Fund Officer Sean J Alex Biography On January 7, 2016, Officer Sean J. Alex lost his courageous battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma with his family, friends, and blue family by his side.  Officer Alex served three law enforcement agencies during his career in Florida.  His final assignment was with the School District of Palm Beach County Police.  Interestingly, Sean began his professional career as a teacher, knowing that education is the key to the future.  He was  positively influenced by a School Police Officer, chose to change [...]

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Christine Braswell Memorial 3-gun Match

When: Friday, February 2, 2018 at 9 AM - 3 PM Where: 21500 Southern Blvd., Loxahatchee, FL 33830 A 3-gun shooting match hosted by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Proceeds will go to the Delray Citizens for Delray Police Christine Braswell Memorial Scholarship. First 50 registered will receive a memorial match t-shirt, a chance to win a gun and complimentary training from Team One Network and LouKa Tactical as well as many door prizes including the commemorative Christine Braswell challenge coin/dog tag. First and second place finishers in each division will be awarded plaques and other prizes. Open to [...]

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Product Review: 5.11 vs First Tactical BDU Pants

    COMPARISON OF FIRST TACTICAL SPECIALIST BDU PANT AGAINST 5.11 TACTICAL PANT First Tactical Men’s specialist BDU pants and 511 tactical men’s pants are both designed for law enforcement and security personnels and they are both designed with special features and characteristics that enable easy and quality use for individuals. The First Tactical men’s specialist BDU pant’s price is $39.99 while the 511 tactical men’s pant is $49.99. The men’s specialist BDU pant is the combination of traditional BDU style with a modern fit and double polyester + stain repellant finish while the 511 tactical men’s pant is made [...]

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M16® - 14ZLEK TANTO LARGE WITH TRIPLE POINT™ SERRATIONS Designed by Kit Carson in Vine Grove, Kentucky   The M16 14ZLEK TANTO LARGE WITH TRIPLE POINT™ SERRATIONS foldable knife is an amazing knife that can be carried and used by law enforcement personnels. It is a light military knife with a smooth handle that can be used easily. It has an amazing blade that ensures nothing but confidence when in hand and is extremely durable, holds a good edge with a well constructed design and solid build. The price is $99.99. It can be carried with bunker gear and works perfectly as [...]

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Tennessee Public Safety Network Helps officers with PTSD

I originally read this article when I was researching a paper in graduate school, Its a good start for those interested in LE related PTSD and what some agencies are doing about it. Copied from:  WideBlueLine    Rebuilding the relationship between the Police and the Communities that they serve one voice at a time. Tennessee Public Safety Network Helps officers with PTSD January 12, 2015 WCYB ran an informational story regarding the Tennessee Public Safety Networks program for Critical Incident Stress Debriefings and how the Carter County Sheriff’s Department takes advantage of the program.   Interviewed persons brought to light the fact [...]

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This article was written from Rob Shaul from Mountain Tactical Institute.   By Rob Shaul I’ve been thinking about this for years, and over that time have written down my thoughts and ideas which I share below. First penned in Oct. 2015, this current version was refined and updated March 2017. 1) Service. Service to your team, your family, your community, your profession. Someone ready to serve. A promise keeper. Reliable. Solid. 2) Mission First. It took me until my 40s (I’m a slow learner…) to realize, “It’s not about me.” I’ve finally matured past the point of chasing individual [...]

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