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It is sad to lose police officers in the line of duty as it is not only felt by the friends, family and agency of the officer but across the nation. Maximum respect for officers who died in the line of duty as they will be remembered till the end of the world. The total number of officers who died across the United States in 2017 was 125, with deaths from illness, automobile crash, gunfire, heart attack and the rest.

The highest number of deaths came from gunfire with a total of 45, followed by automobile crash with 25 and heart attack with 13 deaths. The lowest line of duty death came under Animal related death, Exposure to toxins, stabbing all with 1 death each.

The month with the highest number of police deaths came in January with 15 followed by August with 11 while February, may, June, and October all with 11 deaths. The lowest month with the number of death was July with 6 deaths of police officers.

Across all the states in the United States, Texas was the state with the highest number of officers’ death with 14 followed by New York and Florida with 9 and California with the total number of 8 respectively. Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Washington and West Virginia all had the death of 1 police officer each as the lowest across all states. The total number of male deaths of police officers is 116 and females 9. The average age of police officers who died in 2017 is 42 and the average tour of duty of 13 years.

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